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Vengo de moler morena… This folk tribute is based on the well-known lyrics of La Molinera, a classic song in the oral Spanish tradition, but is envisioned from a modern perspective that unites the present with tradition in a reinterpretation of our roots and the hallmarks of our identity.


Renowned dancer and choreographer Sara Cano, whose eclectic career has encompassed everything from Spanish dance to flamenco to folk and contemporary dance, offers a show in which people connect, dance and feel in a pluralistic space of open exchange where dance flows beyond forms and labels, built on the foundations of our folklore. Charro dance and Andalusian folk thus form a natural union with muñeiras and the Aragonese jota, performed to the rhythm of renewing forces in musical tradition like Eliseo Parra, Kalakán and Coetus.


In Vengo!, which won the Max 2020 Best Choreography Award, Cano explores the notion of folklore as a living, changing art subject to evolution, which connects to the present in order to reconcile where we came from with where we are heading.




A production by Sara Cano Dance Company, the Community of Madrid and Madrid City Council


Director and Choreographer: Sara Cano

Performers: José Alarcón, Yolanda Barrero, David Acero, Nuria Tena, José Capel, Cristina Cazorla, Daniel Morillo, Verónica Garzón, Begoña Quiñones and Ana del Rey

Folklore Consultants: Javier García, Noemí Orgaz and Guadalupe Mera

Theatrical and Stage Consultant: Patricia Ruz

Movement Consultants: Verónica Garzón and Begoña Quiñones

Voice Coach: Alberto Echevarría

Percussion Instructors: Eliseo Parra, Luis García Valera and Alba Chacón

Music: Eliseo Parra, Coetus, Leillía, KALAKAN, Vigüela, Kepa Junquera and La Ronda de Motilleja

Original Music: “En la raíz de los sueños” · Lyrics: Alberto Funes · Music and Vocals: Eliseo Parra

Lighting Design: Cristina L. Bolívar and Irene Cantero

Sound Design: Jorge Díaz “Roy”

Costume Design: Elisa Sanz

Costumiers: María Calderón and Dolores Durán

Props: Oscar Alonso and Carlos Arrabal

Production Assistants: David Arrabal and María Rosa Almeida

Distribution: Elena Santonja ESMANAGEMENT

Organised in collaboration with: Móstoles City Council, Teatro del Bosque, Centro Coreográfico Canal, Compañía Losdedae and the Olite Festival

Acknowledgements: Soujung Youn, Juan Berlanga and Miguel Ángel Rojas


C.C Paco Rabal


From 30th of July to 31st of July
10:30 PM

80 minutes

Centro Cultural Conde Duque

22euros (sectors 1 y 2), 18 euros (sector 3)


Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Calle del Conde Duque, 11 28015 , 11

Paisaje o vista de Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Distrito Centro

Place of employment information:


Metro: Ventura Rodríguez (línea 3), San Bernardo (línea 2 y 4) y Noviciado (línea 2).

Bus: 002

Bicimad: Estación 13 (calle Conde Duque, 22)

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