Un espacio para recordar

Germán de la Riva & Itsaso Iribarren

The Conde Duque Barracks is one of the buildings with the longest histories in the city of Madrid. Built in 1717, it has borne witness to the passage of time and been used for various purposes, from military lodging in its earliest days to hosting cultural events today. Un espacio para recordar will offer a chance to gain a deeper understanding of the history of this iconic construction via a participative, interactive experience.

Making the most of Madrid’s shady summer mornings, participants will take a tour through some of the building's courtyards. Each participant will be provided with wireless headphones that will allow them to listen to various audio recordings and soundscapes.

The idea is to create a setting in which visitors can start the day by renewing their energy, turning their attention to their bodies and carrying out simple movement and contemplation exercises. It’s a space in which to remember, observe, stop and find their own personal connection to the walls of Conde Duque.

Creation and interpretation: Germán de la Riva and Itsaso Iribarren

Artistic and technical assistance: Romina Casile

* Finished

From 14th of August to 16th of August
09:30 AM

Duration​: 45 minutes

Price €8

Ticket sales

Suitable for all audiences

Accessibility type

Places have been set aside for people with disabilities. These tickets can be reserved by sending an email to: reservasgrupos@madrid-destino.com, by phoning (+34) 91 318 47 00, or by purchasing them directly online or at the ticket offices in Conde Duque Cultural Centre and Casa de la Panadería. Upon entering the venue, staff will require ticket holders to show a disability card or equivalent document that provides proof of disability.

We recommend that you arrive at least 45 minutes in advance to pick up the devices available to make content more accessible. This equipment must be requested from the area designated for this purpose, and will be distributed to people in order of arrival until full capacity is reached.

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Conde Duque

Paisaje o vista de Conde Duque

Address: Conde Duque 9-11

District: Centro

Metro: Ventura Rodríguez (salida Princesa pares) - Noviciado (salida Noviciado) -  San Bernardo (salida Alberto Aguilera) - L2 - L3 - L4 - L10

Autobuses: 1, 2, 3, 2144, 133, 138147, C1, C2, M2, N21

BiciMAD: 13

* Programming is subject to change

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