Lee Lee Nam

Lee Lee Nam

As part of the programme devoted to the festival's guest country, Korea, we invited media artist and creator Lee Lee Nam (born in Damyang, 1969) to present his work on the façade of the outdoor screens of the Lope de Vega Theater. In his digital reinterpretation of classic masterpieces that reveal nature’s wonders and the aura of life, Nam attempts to bring new meaning and vitality to every single one of the image’s pixels.

With over eight hundred solo and collective exhibitions under his belt in cities like Ghent, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Doha, New York, Singapore and Paris, Lee is constantly broadening his horizons at the global level. Pieces he created are held in the collections of the Incheon International Airport, the Korean National Library, the UN headquarters in New York and numerous museums, such as the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Suning Art Museum and the Zebrastraat Museum in Belgium.

One of Lee Nam's most representative pieces is Reborn Light - Mother of Pearl, for which he drew inspiration from nacre and from Gyehwedo, a painting from the Joseon dynastic period, with the aim of creating a piece that displays a sense of beauty unique to Asia. Lee has combined modern technology with mother of pearl to create a world that is seeing the rapid rise of a modern city and the arrival of a UFO against the backdrop of changing seasons. Lee slowly transforms the UFO's surface into a pearl to depict a futuristic world, a utopia where the convergence of space and time is made possible.


Organised in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre in Spain and Teatro Lope de Vega (Stage Entertainment Spain)


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From 12th of August to 14th of August
10:00 PM


Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Teatro Lope de Vega

C/ Gran Vía, 57, 28013 Madrid

Paisaje o vista de Teatro Lope de Vega

Distrito Centro

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Metro Santo Domingo (línea 2), Callao (Llínea 5 y 3) Plaza de España (linea 10 y 3)

Bus:  1, 2, 46, 74, 138, N18, N19, N20, NP1

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