Soñar el Circo

Sara San Gregorio y Laura Bañuelos

Soñar el Circo

Soñar el Circo is an invitation to enjoy an evening at the circus when the show’s over. The troupe is getting ready to hit the road: tomorrow is their last performance so this is the last night that they can call this place home. They ask us in.

Front stage and back stage at the Teatro Circo Price will be combined and opened up to the public by Sara San Gregorio, curator of Juguetoría, and Laura Bañuelos, technical artist and art educator (La Ópera, un Vehículo de Aprendizaje), so we can mess about and play in then before we go off to sleep: the dressing rooms, the rehearsal rooms, the rest areas, the food court...

We invite kids and grown-ups to witness whatever spontaneous performances may arise between the members of the troupe when they can spend some time together without having to perform for the public. We’ll play as if we’re one of the team amidst all the costumes, mirrors, lights, chests and balls and we’ll listen to a bedtime song accompanied by stories and magic.

Tonight we’ll sleep beneath the big top! Don’t forget to bring your sleeping mat and bag, and something to share for dinner. 

Come on in and join the fun!

A Veranos de la Villa Festival and Teatro Circo Price production


Creation and concept: Sara San Gregorio y Laura Bañuelos

Story and dramaturgy: Antonio Girón y Sara San Gregorio

Game scenography: Juguetoría

Lighting: Javier Ruíz de Alegría and Teatro Circo Price

Production: Ciertas Producciones

Story text: Arturo Babel

Illustration: Roberto Almarza

Sound design: Nacho Mastretta y Angel Galán

Juggling: Ido Loca

Magic: David Vega

Theatre of bubbles: Tina Mandarina

Storytelling and invitations: Arturo Babel

Music to wake up to: Nacho Mastretta

Hosts (mediation, theatre, characters): Sara Martínez, Irene Valle, Jeisson Torres, Sara San Gregorio


From 14th of July to 15th of July


2 hours 30 minutes + 9 hours of sleep

Teatro Circo Price

Recommended for children over 3 years of age

Precio 8€


Accessibility type

Teatro Circo Price


Place of employment information:


  • Metro: Embajadores (línea 3) , Lavapiés (línea 3), Estación del Arte (Atocha) (línea 1)
  • Bus: 119, 27, 34, 36, 41, C03, C2, C1
  • Bicimad: Estación 49 (Ronda de Atocha, 34) / Estación 50 (calle Santa Isabel, 57)
  • Renfe: Embajadores
  • Aparcamiento: Sánchez Bustillo (37), calle Sánchez Bustillo

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