Solo, con ella y contra ella

Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company

How do the laws of physics affect our personal relationships? What curious connections exist between Isaac Newton's laws and our own interpersonal interactions? Do we need scientific knowledge to understand ourselves? Madrid-based company Nueveochenta Aerial Dance will reflect on these questions in its new production, which will premiere at Veranos de la Villa. In it, the company aims to introduce us to the laws of gravity in a way that allows us to understand them without having to resort to a calculator.

Newton's laws of motion are principles that explain most matters relating to corporal movement, and we will see how performers suspended on a rope move and interact according to these principles. All of this will take place on a very peculiar stage: a geodetic dome with an 8-metre diameter that serves as a reference to the universe and is also made of precise proportions and patterns, where everything and everyone is connected.

Human relations are guided by the influence of these laws: the law of inertia, the law of action and reaction and the relationship between force and acceleration.

Idea, direction and choreography: Juan Leiba
Choreographic assistance: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo
Interpreters: Alejandra Pérez Izquierdo, Sara Mohíno Harris, Alejandra Deza Moreno, María Ruiz Castillo y Juan Leiba.
Security Technician: Quim Torner Trives
Technical support: Vuela Danza Aérea y Espacio que Vuela
Music: Jorge Grela
Costumes: Sol Curiel

Production: Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company

* Finished

From 19th of August to 20th of August
07:00 PM

Duration​: 45 minutes

Price €8

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