Siete golpes y un camino

Centro Coreográfico María Pagés, Fuenlabrada

If there’s one thing that defines María Pagés’ multifaceted creative individuality, it’s her deep sense of culture. Her creative ability is rooted in her commitment to life and memory. At Veranos de la Villa, she will revisit Siete golpes y un camino, a production that has never been performed in Madrid, with the company that was formed in the choreography centre that bears her name, which she created in Fuenlabrada in 2018 as a hub for flamenco choreographers, dancers and musicians in the capital.

The 2002 National Dance Award winner will offer a flamenco choreography-infused narration of what lies ahead as the embodiment of the dialectic of time in its appropriation of the future. With her creative partner El Arbi El Harti assisting on direction and dramaturgy, and accompanied by six dancers and seven musicians, in Siete golpes y un camino she revisits echoes, traces and strands from her work in recent years, distinguished by intense artistic and human creativity.

Pagés links this period of time to the poetry of creators like Antonio Machado and José Saramago. It’s a journey into the emotional education and creative history of María Pagés. Madrid is part of that journey: a circle that encompasses all of these emotions. In Madrid she has learnt, she has created…

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Una rosa en el camino (A rose in the path). Lyrics: José Saramago – Antonio Machado

Bailo en tu infinito azul (I dance in your infinite blue). Lyrics: El Arbi El Harti

La oscuridad anega la conciencia (Darkness floods awareness). Lyrics: Mario Benedetti

Exaltación de los sentidos (Exaltation of the senses). Lyrics: El Arbi El Harti

Que profunda es tu llamada (How deep your call is). Lyrics: Rabindranath Tagore – El Arbi El Harti

Horizontes de agua (Horizons of water). Lyrics: El Arbi El Harti

Dime tu qué tienes (Tell me what you have). Lyrics: folk

Hermana, toma mi corazón alfombra (Sister, take my carpet-heart). Lyrics: Rubén Levaniegos – María Pagés


Dancers: María Pagés, Júlia Gimeno, Marta Gálvez, Virginia Muñoz, José Barrios, Rafael Ramírez and Juan Carlos Avecilla

Singers: Ana Ramón and Sara Corea

Guitar: Rubén Levaniegos and Isaac Muñoz

Violin: David Moñiz

Cello: Sergio Menem

Percussion: Chema Uriarte

Directors: María Pagés and El Arbi El Harti

Choreography, music direction and costume design: María Pagés

Dramaturgy: María Pages and El Arbi El Harti

Lyrics: Antonio Machado, José Saramago, Mario Benedetti, Rabindranath Tagore, El Arbi El Harti, Rubén Levaniegos, María Pagés and folk songs

Music: Rubén Levaniegos, María Pagés, Sergio Menem, David Moñiz and folk music

Lighting: Pau Fullana

Sound design: Kike Cabañas

Costumier: Taller María Calderón

* Finished

From 14th of August to 16th of August
10:00 PM

Duration​: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Price €18

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