Opera Garage


Opera for piano and voices

Opera Garage is a project that is deliberately designed to bring opera to a wide and renewed audience. This surprising initiative, presented in an unprecedented format within the reach of all curious souls, features professional singers who perform regularly in Spain’s most important lyric theatres.  The initiative springs from Emiliano Suárez and Macarena Bergareche’s passion for this musical genre and their steadfast determination to reach new audiences to ensure that this spectacle of spectacles is passed on to the next generation. 

This project is also a reflection on how opera can conquer alternative spaces with industrial-format productions such as the Rigoletto that they will be bringing to the Veranos de la Villa festival and indeed to such a unique space as Nave 16.1 at Matadero Madrid. While maintaining the utmost respect for Giuseppe Verdi’s work, this version’s rather informal and underground overtones provide a splendid opportunity to explore the genre through a brutal story of the cruel force of destiny. A desperate father, ashamed of his condition and trapped in hatred and a desire for revenge, will strive to protect his daughter no matter what the cost.

An Opera Garage production


Stage direction: Emiliano Suarez

Musical direction: Miquel Ortega

Costume director: Carola Baleztena

Lighting: Carlos Alzueta

Stage manager: Sara Morgado 

Executive producer: Macarena Bergareche

Executive assistant: María Serrano



Rigoletto: Javier Franco

Il Duca: Jose Luis Sola

Gilda: Ruth Terán

Maddalena: Sandra Ferrández

Sparafucile: David Cervera

Marullo/Monterone: Pedro Quiralte


From 27th of July to 29th of July

Duration​: 90 minutos


Accessibility type

Matadero Madrid


Place of employment information:


  • Renfe: Embajadores
  • Metro: Legazpi (líneas 3, 6)
  • Bus: 123, 22, 79, 148, 18, 6, 78, 45, 8, 19, 247, 47, 59, 62, 76, 85, 86, 156, 180, T32
  • Bicimad: Estación 177 (calle Bolívar, 3)

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