Raquetistas (Women Racquet Players)

Kukai Dantza

Raquetistas (Women Racquet Players)

Names that mean nothing to us today, such as Chiquita de Anoeta, Chiquita de Ledesma or Agustina Otaola, are in fact part of the history of women’s sport. Professional racquet players, sports stars, women who were once famous, who filled the fronton courts, monopolised the spotlight and grabbed the headlines: no less than the first female sportswomen in Spain between the 1920s and 1940s. Madrid was one of the most important polestars for women racquet players, and the Beti Jai fronton in Chamberí, their temple. 

The Veranos de la Villa festival intends to rekindle our memory of these women athletes thanks to Raquetistas, an artistic intervention that it has entrusted to Kukai Dantza, which will take place in the Students Residence Foundation, former home to researchers, students, professionals from all walks of life and an important hub for social, cultural and academic activities.

The dances performed by the Kukai dancers will be accompanied by the live music and singing of Maite Larburu, who will in turn share the testimonies of those female racquet players and their families. With the collaboration of the researcher Ainhoa Palomo, and helped by the narration of Anne Igartiburu, several women who were racquet players will pass their experiences and testimonies on to us.

A Kukai Dantza production

With the collaboration of the Residencia de Estudiantes and the Etxepare Basque Institute








Art direction: Jon Maya Sein

Dancers: KUKAI DANTZA (Izar Aizpuru, Izaro Urrestarazu, Nerea Vesga, Sua Enparantza)

Live music: Maite Larburu

Research and documentation: Ainhoa Palomo

Narration: Anne Igartiburu

Costumes and props: Ereintza Dantza Taldea

Production: Doltza Oar-Arteta

Administration: Elena García


From 18th of July to 19th of July

Duration​: 50 minutos

Residencia de Estudiantes

Precio Free event, free download of tickets from Monday, July 10 at 12:00 p.m.


Accessibility type

Residencia de Estudiantes

Calle Pinar, 21

Paisaje o vista de Residencia de Estudiantes

Distrito Chamartín


Metro: Gregorio Marañon (L7 y L10) y República Argentina (L6)

Bus: 16, 19, 51, 9, 12

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