Nino Bravo Sinfónico

RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir / Raúl Benavent / Serafín Zubiri / David Pastor Band


9th of July

Duration​: 120 minutes


Free admission until full capacity is reached.

The month of July has arrived, so it’s time for a new edition of the Veranos de la Villa Festival which has been filling the long and eagerly awaited summer nights with cultural events for the past four decades. So there’s cause for celebration this 2024! A packed programme of activities, many of them in the open air, which gets off to a great start at the Auditorium of the Enrique Tierno Galván Park with a symphonic tribute to the legendary Nino Bravo by the RTVE Orchestra and Choir, accompanied by Serafín Zubiri, Spain’s Eurovision representative in 1992 and 2000. It’s hard to think of a better excuse for a nice picnic in the park before the concert.

Directed by Raúl Benavent, with the collaboration of the David Pastor Band and arrangements and orchestration by Borja Arias, Nino Bravo Symphonic is a major tribute to an artist who has transcended the boundaries of time and space to become a true legend, more alive than ever.  Songs that remain in the collective memory such as Yellow Letters (Cartas amarillas), The Door to Love (Puerta de amor), My Nights Without You (Mis noches sin ti), My Land (Mi tierra), Noelia, Come Back (Vuelve), America, America, A Kiss and a Flower (Un beso y una flor) and Free (Libre) will ring out on this the opening night of a festival that continues to aspire, as Mayor Tierno Galván himself said when he created it in 1985, to show that Madrid is very much alive and kicking during the summer.

An RTVE Orchestra and Choir production


RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir

Conductor: Raúl Benavent

Soloist: Serafín Zubiri

David Pastor Band



Part one

1. Obertura / Como todos

2. Esa será mi casa

3. Elizabeth

4. Te quiero, te quiero

5. El tren se va

6. Cartas Amarillas

7. Puerta de Amor

8. Mis noches sin ti

9. Noelia

Part two

10. All the things you are

11. Mi tierra

12. Vuelve

13. Vivir

14. América, América

15. Un beso y una flor


9th of July

Duration​: 120 minutes


Free admission until full capacity is reached.

Accessibility type

Auditorio al aire libre. Parque Enrique Tierno Galván



  • Metro: Arganzuela-Planetario (línea 6).
  • Bus: 148, 156.