Lope y sus Doroteas o Cuando Lope quiere, quiere

Ignacio Amestoy and Ainhoa Amestoy

Lope y sus Doroteas o Cuando Lope quiere, quiere

In La Dorotea, Lope de Vega looks back on his early career. He remembers his great love, Elena Osorio, with whom he enjoyed a lengthy relationship until she was violently torn from his arms.  While the poet pens his mature works, his youngest daughter, Antonia Clara, will undergo a process of rebellion that her father will have to deal with, backed up by his housekeeper - and so much more - Lorenza Sánchez.

Lope and his Doroteas talks of life, death, love, matchmaking, the generational shift, creative work and the cultural panorama of the 17th century. The play depicts such important characters as the young Calderón, King Philip IV, Sister Marcela de San Félix, Marta de Nevares and Don Cristóbal Tenorio, the youngest daughter’s suitor and, supposedly, her kidnapper. And so, ladies and gentlemen, here in the author’s home in Madrid, the curtain is about to rise on one of his greatest comedies! 

A production by Estival Producciones 




Lope de Vega Ángel Solo

Lorenza Sánchez Lidia Otón

Antonia Clara/Dorotea Nora Hernández

Young Lope / Cristóbal Tenorio Daniel Migueláñez


Original text Ignacio Amestoy

Stage direction Ainhoa Amestoy

Costumes and stage design Elisa Sanz

Music Fetén Fetén, David Velasco, Andrea Falconieri, John Playford, Joseph Marset, Johann Christian Schickhardt and Tomás Luis de Victoria

Music consultant Juan Cañas

Lighting Marta Graña


Technical direction Otto

Assistant director, technical assistant and production assistant Inma Janeiro

Lighting technicians Adolfo Ontoba and Miriam Piñero

Press and Management Raquel Berini

Technical Assistant Marco O. Brick

Set construction Mambo decorados

Costume design Pilar Sanz


From 25th of August to 27th of August

Duration​: 105 minutes


Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Calle Toledo , 39

Paisaje o vista de Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Distrito Centro


Metro: La Latina (línea 5), Tirso de Molina (línea 1)

Bus: 6, 17, 18, 23, 26, 31, 50, 65

BiciMAD: 32, 40

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