La vida chulapa

Orquestina MadriZ

La vida chulapa

Chotis, Cuplés and Zarzuela

The San Isidro Secondary School teaches the important things in life: the humanities, the sciences, philosophy, history, the arts, character... But it’s also a place where you can learn about what it means to be from Madrid - to be a Madrileño - the customs of the city, popular anecdotes... the chulapa life, in short. At which point we should perhaps refer to the Royal Spanish Academy which says that ‘chulapo’ and ‘chulapa’ are the names given to those “persons from the popular classes of Madrid, whose charisma is reflected in their attire and their gait”.

Olga María Ramos, transformed into a new Mariblanca soaring over the rooftops of Cascorro, La Latina and Madrid de los Austrias (Hapsburg Madrid), provides us with a lesson on the essence of traditional castizo Madrid through cuplé, zarzuela, music-hall and other rhythms and styles that rekindle memories of other times and other people who knew how to have fun and bequeathed us a legacy of enthusiasm, mischievousness, irreverence and pleasure.

A musical monologue with orchestras and Madrid-style casticismo. An evocative show full of "old-fashioned modernity" A well-rounded, fun and nostalgic show, directed by Alberto Frías and with texts by Pedro Víllora. That Madriz with a “z”, that we learnt about from our grandparents and whose brotherhood, musicality and genuine Madrid welcome we want to rekindle.

A Sing_Us Music production


Directed by: Alberto Frías

Dramaturgy: Pedro Villora

Performer: Olga María Ramos


From 22nd of August to 23rd of August

Duration​: 70 minutos


Accessibility type

Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Calle Toledo , 39

Paisaje o vista de Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Distrito Centro


Metro: La Latina (línea 5), Tirso de Molina (línea 1)

Bus: 6, 17, 18, 23, 26, 31, 50, 65

BiciMAD: 32, 40

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