Eduardo Guerrero, in collaboration with Pasión Vega


Dancer Eduardo Guerrero (Cadiz, 1983) presents his latest show, Guerrero, which bears as its title his, at least in Spanish, rather polysemous surname - it also means ‘warrior’ - and follows a career that began when he was just a child  with such shows as Of Dolores or Of Pain (De Dolores) or The Alley of Sins (El callejón de los pecados). On this occasion, the bailaor focuses on his relationship with women; his mother, his lovers, his friends, in that borderline territory where sentimentality coexists with sensuality, but overcomes both vital temperatures, until it finds a bridge between genders and sexes.

Accompanied by Pasión Vega on vocals and Javier Ibáñez and Benito Bernal on guitar, they present a wide range of flamenco styles: from an opening saeta to the farewell cuplés, including a comprehensive spectrum of malagueñas, fandangos, rondeñas, granaínas, verdiales, bulerías por soleá, polos, nanas, seguiriyas, serranas, tangos, zambras and alegrías. A veritable anthology which Guerrero performs in his own unique way and which becomes an allegory of his own conception of the world and of entertainment; a heroic deed that has one clear winner: flamenco dance.

An EG ART Performance Production 



Original idea and direction: Eduardo Guerrero

Musical direction: Javier Ibáñez, Juan José Alba

Choreography: Eduardo Guerrero

Sound design: Félix Vázquez

Music and lyrics: Popular lyrics, Javier Ibáñez, Juan José Alba

Lighting: Antonio Valiente

Artistic coordination: María Torrejón

Costumes: Tere Torres

Footwear: Begoña Cervera

Text: Juan José Téllez

Photography: Paco Lobato, Félix Vázquez, Lucrecia Díaz

Production and distribution: The Eduardo Guerrero Company



Dance: Eduardo Guerrero Company

Guest artist: Pasión Vega

Singing: Pilar Sierra, Anabel Rivera and Samara Montañéz

Guitar: Javier Ibáñez and Benito Bernal


From 11th of August to 12th of August

Duration​: 90 minutos

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Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Calle del Conde Duque, 11 28015 , 11

Paisaje o vista de Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Distrito Centro

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Metro: Ventura Rodríguez (línea 3), San Bernardo (línea 2 y 4) y Noviciado (línea 2).

Bus: 002

Bicimad: Estación 13 (calle Conde Duque, 22)

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