Tomorrow Doesn't Exist, Roberto. Don't Forget It (El mañana no existe, Roberto. No lo olvides)

Crossing the Courtyard (Atravesando el patio)


Created by Laura Ortega

Online Proyect

In one of the most memorable lines from Stories from the Kronen, Carlos, a character played by Juan Diego Botto, rejects the notion that there’s anything more than the moment currently being experienced by a generation in 1995 that sees summer in Madrid of that year as the perfect  setting for unbridled pursuit of pleasure and youth. The empty city becomes a playground where they can give free reign to their impulses, and their group of friends leads viewers on something of a “tour” through summer in the city and its most representative places.

At this edition of Veranos de la Villa, we want to contrast the Madrid of the Kronen twenty-five years ago with the Madrid of today, to see what it has become and what we’re like now. As a psycho-geographical summer exercise, we invited photographer Laura Ortega to work with us to assess the emotional impact that the urban setting has on us. This digital project turns us into tourists from the future, visiting a past that lives inside us, because the space we travel through is never neutral. And Madrid is always there to remind us of that.

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