Ernesto Caballero

Ernesto Caballero

Written for palatial celebrations, Calderón de la Barca’s Comedias mitológicas are a corpus of dramatic works that foreshadow Wagner’s dream of an all-embracing art form. For this artist of the Spanish Golden Age, this work was conceived as a crucible of sophisticated visuals, an exquisite musical score and astounding poetic imagination.


Co-produced by the Veranos de la Villa festival and the Juan March Foundation, with original music taken from Baroque scores, this version of Comedias mitológicas directed by Ernesto Caballero recounts the journey of a group of visitors as they move through an undetermined space; perhaps the mysterious rooms of the Alcázar Real Palace destroyed by a fire in 1734 in which, just like the well-known Prince’s Room depicted by Velázquez in Las Meninas, various paintings illustrating mythological stories hang.


Through a range of theatrical techniques, the visitors are hurled into a world of illusion and imitation, compelled to become the supernatural protagonists of some of the most thrilling scenes from his plays Echo and Narcissus, Love Tames Beasts, Apollo's Laurel and Love’s Greatest Charm.


Playwriting and directing: Ernesto Caballero

Starring: Felipe Ansola, Carmen Conesa, Karina Garantivá, Estíbaliz Racionero, and Germán Torres

Set design: Fer Muratori

Music: Luis Miguel Cobo

Assistant director: Nanda Abella


Live streaming on Saturday 10 July at 6:30pm on


A production by Veranos de la Villa festival and the Juan March Foundation





From 8th of July to 11th of July

  • From 8th of July to 9th of July
  • 10th of July
  • 11th of July

90 minutes


Free entry when you download or collect your ticket(s) prior to the event


Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

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