Cine caliente #5

Brays Efe + Rev Silver


Hot Cinema continues to give new meaning to all those times we’ve put up with annoying interruptions by our partner, flatmate, mum or sister when watching a film, turning them into an artistic experience for viewers to enjoy that goes beyond what each of the sessions’ different elements—film, artistic analysis, humour, music, drinks, laughter, etc.—could offer us individually.

This time the chosen commentator is Brays Efe, who moves seamlessly between underground and mainstream. He has chosen the film Kika (Pedro Almodóvar, 1993) starring Verónica Forqué, whose scene with Rossy de Palma is one of the most entertaining and iconic in Spanish cinema. “Quiet in the cinema”, a request so often uttered by the cult film fans around us, won't have any place here tonight.

Music by Rev Silver, a multidisciplinary artist whose many facets include those of singer, songwriter, producer, performer, actor and DJ, will spice up the night.

Project curated by La Juan Gallery 



9th of August

Duration​: 150 minutes



Parque de la Bombilla

Avenida de Valladolid, 4 28008 Madrid

Paisaje o vista de Parque de la Bombilla

Moncloa - Aravaca


Metro: Príncipe Pío (L6, L10, R)

Bus: 41, 46, 75, N20

Cercanías: Príncipe Pío

BiciMAD: 161

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