Cine caliente #2

Ana Morgade + San Junipero DJs: Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride (1987)

Cine caliente #2

Hot movies is back! The aim of this new edition is to give new meaning to all those times we’ve been interrupted when we’re in the middle of a film - and boy, do we hate it - by our partner, flatmate, mother or brother, and to turn the movies on their heads so we can enjoy them as an artistic experience that goes well beyond what each of their elements - cinema, artistic analysis, humour, music, drinks, laughter... - could offer us individually.

On this occasion, the guest commentator is the actress and presenter from Madrid, Ana Morgade, who, making the most of her much-appreciated humour and flair for improvisation will “attack” a movie that was a classic for an entire generation, Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride (1987), a medieval tale of immortal love, sword fights, wicked witches, spells, fair princesses and such memorable phrases as "Hello, my name is Iñigo Montoya".

The musical entertainment will be provided by San Junipero DJs, a pseudonym for the promoters of the San Junipero party, which - inspired by a famous Black Mirror episode – has been stirring up Madrid’s nightlife for the last six years with a journey through the recent history of music.

Project curated by La Juan Gallery


18th of July

Duration​: 180 minutos


Accessibility type

Physical accessibility linked to the public park

Parque de la Bombilla

Avenida de Valladolid, 4 28008 Madrid

Paisaje o vista de Parque de la Bombilla

Moncloa - Aravaca


Metro: Príncipe Pío (L6, L10, R)

Bus: 41, 46, 75, N20

Cercanías: Príncipe Pío

BiciMAD: 161

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