chica tirándose de cabeza al agual, dos edificios de Madrid detrás mano con bebida y helado brindando

Illustrator Lara Lars is the artist who was tasked with capturing the heart and soul of this year’s edition of the Veranos de la Villa festival. She did so with a poster replete with elements associated with summer and buildings which, in her own words, “transport us to other places”.

Lara, whose artistic style is distinctly recognisable due to her use of collage, draws on a palette of pastel colours in the poster which, rather than washing out the scene, intensify the spirit of summer with allusions to things linked to the season, such as swimming pool water, blue skies and refreshing foods: ice cream, pineapple, watermelon and cold drinks. The poster also represents the city of Madrid by depicting some of its most iconic buildings, namely the Glass Palace and the Torres Blancas high-rise building. Blurry and almost ethereal, they are pictured in grey tones that contrast with the other vivid colours and are essentially “the setting where Veranos de la Villa's activities will take place”.

Celebrating summer's return and heightening our desire to enjoy Madrid and its cultural offerings were the artist's main aims.


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Download Veranos de la Villa 2021 posters

Madrid City Council's Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport makes the Veranos de la Villa 2021 posters created by Lara Lars available for download.

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