Veranos de la Villa 2020 Graphic Campaign

Crossing the Courtyard (Atravesando el patio)

Colouring the City (Coloreando la ciudad)

This year, Veranos de la Villa invited Okuda, a multidisciplinary artist who lives in Madrid, to produce its graphic campaign. His singular iconographic language, composed of geometric structures and multicoloured patterns, coupled with his active participation in major projects of social significance, have made him one of the world’s most renowned and esteemed artists. 

In his creations, he uses colour and geometry in combination with organic shapes, giving rise to a symbology that invites reflection with pieces that could be classified as Pop Surrealism but distinctly convey the spirit of the streets. He has created mural and sculptural interventions and has held exhibitions in galleries and museums that have been enjoyed by people on four continents. For this edition of the festival, he boldly offers his take on one of the city’s most important symbols: The bear and the strawberry tree. The image will fill the city with colour this summer.


* Programming is subject to change

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