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Since moving to Madrid in 1998, Argentinian choreographer Dani Pannullo has had a constant connection to intensely urban trends. He blazed an innovative trail when he brought street art to the stage with his company, made up of artists of varying nationalities from avant-garde disciplines like breakdancing, hip-hop, cabaret, performance art, acrobatics and gymnastics.

In a bid to continue to advance in the quest for his own personal choreographic language, in ATLAS Map of Moves Pannullo combines the inspiration he draws from the street with the imaginary of photographer José Ortiz Echagüe (1886-1980). Their shared interest in Orientalism crystallises in a show that blurs the barriers between different forms of artistic expression to create a distinctly individual language and aesthetic.

ATLAS is a game of contrasts, between the energy given off by a dance team composed of athletes/dancers and the dark, evocative beauty of Ortiz-Echagüe's pictures. The choreography comes surprisingly close to acrobatics, combining balance with elements of freestyle workout, parkour, b-boy and Graeco-Roman wrestling. According to Pannullo, ATLAS Map of Moves is “a free-thinking show that uses dance to address issues as important as childhood, courage and rivalry, in addition to reflecting on the symbols and power of different religions”.

A production by Ritmos del Mundo, organised with the support the Museum of the University of Navarra and Nacho Gutiérrez.

Idea and direction: Dani Pannullo, inspired by the photographic work of José Ortiz Echagüe

Artistic team: Alberto Gómez, Daniel González, Gilbert Jackson, Julián Gómez, Leonard Sepúlveda, Miguel Espada and Cosmin Marius (cover)

Photography: José Ortiz Echagüe, Antonio Mosquera, Manuel Rodríguez, Muzak and Rafa Gallar


Costumes: Maison MESA, ADNAN and ADIDAS

Music and visual effects: Antonio Mosquera (TZOOTZ Research)

Lighting: Lola Barroso



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From 26th of August to 27th of August
09:00 PM

Duration​: 45 minutes

Price €15

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