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Alicias buscan Maravillas is a completely free and independent Spanish adaptation of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. What’s more, this documentary form of theatre is also a site-specific show. Entirely bonkers, don’t you think? When writing this project, the director and writer Lucía Miranda interviewed a never-ending list of wonderful people. Some of these interviews were one to one, while some were held in groups and others in the form of workshops. She visited ten of Madrid’s parks and finally settled on one.


In Alicias buscan Maravillas the protagonist is YOU… Yes, YOU. Wonderland is in danger and in order to save it, Alice needs to do six impossible things before breakfast. The first of which is for YOU to answer her call and accompany her on this eclectic journey for children aged 8 to 88, stumbling upon mentally ill hats, the inseparable pair that is a blind women and her dog and teenagers who tell us what to do…


An adventure through the Quinta de los Molinos Park, in collaboration with ESPACIO ABIERTO Quinta de los Molinos, in which the extraordinary beings you meet will share with you part of their life, and through games and tests, together you will save Wonderland.


Directing and playwriting: Lucía Miranda

Madagascan Dragon: Nacho Bilbao

Jabberwock / Sign language: David Blanco

Rabbit: Patty Bonet 

Alice: TBC

The Duchess: Lidia García

Zanca Panca: Mónica Lamberti

The Hearts: David Lorente

Swim and Pyjamas: Román Méndez

Tararí and Tarará: Lola Robles and her dog Gofre

Choir: "CANTO ABIERTO" An initiative of the Fundación Música Creativa

With the participation of the members of the youth project Mundo Quinta: Ares B. Fernández, Itziar G. Licht, Miranda Castrejón López, Andrea Santamaría Mendoza, Ruth Martin, Sara Ramírez, Sara González, Pablo Ávila y Allison Noemi Ortiz Morales

YOU: YOU, that’s right. YOU can say what you like, because YOU are essential

Soundscape: Nacho Bilbao

Production: Pia Beermann

Technical director: Braulio Blanca

Props: Javier Burgos

Assistant director: Belén de Santiago 

Wardrobe: Tatiana de Sarabia

Acknowledgements: Unidad de Parques Históricos del Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Centro Drámatico Nacional, Universia Foundation



A co-production by Veranos de la Villa festival and Espacio Abierto




From 23rd of July to 25th of July

  • 23rd of July
  • From 24th of July to 25th of July

80 minutes



The production Alicias buscan maravillas includes audio description, a pre-show touch tour and the use of sign language throughout the show. 

There is a wheelchair-friendly path that is associated with the physical accessibility facilities of La Quinta de los Molinos Park itself. Some sections are cobbled.

To ensure that all people can take part in activities as safely as possible, specific seats have been set aside to guarantee better locations and improved access for persons with disabilities, depending on how much assistance they require. They can be requested by writing to the email address, in person at physical ticket offices, or by calling the audience assistance line on (+34) 91 318 47 00 between 11am and 2pm or 4.30pm and 8.30pm.

For those who require it to acquire their tickets, sign language video interpreting is available via the following link between the phone assistance hours specified above: Sign Language Video Interpreting for the Hearing Impaired

Upon entering the venue, staff will require ticket holders to show a disability card or equivalent document that provides proof of disability.

Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Espacio Abierto / Parque Quinta de los Molinos

Calle de Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena , 20

Paisaje o vista de Espacio Abierto / Parque Quinta de los Molinos

San Blas - Canillejas

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Metro: Suanzes (línea 5)

Bus: 77, 104, 114, 146

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