A Night at the Turret (Una noche en el Torreón)

Laboratorio de Astronomía & Pipas de Coco

To reflect on what lies beyond the sea of rooftops and aerials which is another facet of Madrid, we’re restoring Conde Duque's turret to the function it performed in the 18th and 19th centuries. For two nights, the highest point in the Barracks will be transformed back into an astronomical observatory where we can watch the night sky and see things that aren't perceived at first glance.

An astronomer and a poet will face off against each other in an “astroetry” session patterned after a freestyle competition, where astronomy –a source of inspiration– and poetry –a source of expression– will come together. The event will feature telescopes, typewriters, lunar craters, automagic poetry, Saturn’s rings and rap, on a night when audience participation will be essential. You only need to relax, look up, and just enjoy yourself.

Astronomer: Carlos González Aznar (Laboratorio de Astronomía project)

Poet: Andrelo S. (Pipas de Coco)

* Finished

From 28th of August to 29th of August
12:00 AM

Duration​: 2 hours

Price €10

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Conde Duque

Paisaje o vista de Conde Duque

Address: Conde Duque 9-11

District: Centro

Metro: Ventura Rodríguez (salida Princesa pares) - Noviciado (salida Noviciado) -  San Bernardo (salida Alberto Aguilera) - L2 - L3 - L4 - L10

Autobuses: 1, 2, 3, 2144, 133, 138147, C1, C2, M2, N21

BiciMAD: 13

* Programming is subject to change

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