El amor enamorado

Lope de Vega

El amor enamorado

Lope de Vega’s Love in Love (El amor enamorado) is the workings of imagination, of magic, in which the will of men triumphs over the designs of the gods. A play in which everything takes place in a clearing in an enchanted forest in which all the actions have their referent beyond the Earth, in the land of desire. One of the characters who fly, vanish, turn into water or laurel or a firefly to attend the festive ball is Venus, played by Tete Delgado.

The Claustro del Pozo at the San Isidro Secondary School, where Lope de Vega himself was a pupil, is the venue for this text - it is said to have been written to be performed in the Buen Retiro Park - in a version written by Fernando Sansegundo and directed by Borja Rodríguez, in which myth, fable and magic form part of a festive atmosphere the cycles of the festivity - evening, night and morning - will lead the audience through the three days of the comedy in a quite unforgettable celebration.

Una Mic Producciones y Distribuciones Teatrales production


Version: Fernando Sansegundo

Directed by: Borja Rodríguez

Cast: Tete Delgado, Mario Diez, Abraham Arenas, Raquel Nogueira, Anabel Maurin, Rafa Núñez, Rubén Casteiva, Aisa Perez

Lighting: Juanjo Llorens

Verse Consultant: Anabel Maurín

Voice Consultant: Rita Barber

Choreography: Fredeswinda Gijón

Costumes: Yeray González

Music: Rubén Berrraquero

Production Director: Isabel Casares

Associate Producer: Ana Torres Lara

Production Assistant: Ana Pedroche

Technical coordination: Alejandro Pintado and José Muñoz

Technical Assistant: Paco Alcalde

Set design produced by: Mambo and Sfumato

Python props: Miguel Ángel Infante

Assistant Director: Eva Egido


From 18th of August to 20th of August

Duration​: 100 minutos


Accessibility type

ACCESSIBLE PERFORMANCES 19 and 20 JULY. On 19 and 20 July, people with visual and intellectual disabilities who will be attending the subsequent performance will be able to take part in a scenic tour beforehand. To register for the tour, please send an email to accesibilidad@madrid-destino.com. The deadline for registration is 18 August at 8pm. The scenic tour will begin 60 minutes before the performance. Capacity is limited to a maximum of 14 people. Reserved seats are available for people with disabilities to ensure that they can enjoy the best possible access and seating in accordance with their support needs. These seats can be booked from this moment onwards by sending an email to accesibilidad@madrid-destino.com, at the ticket offices, or by calling our audience service number 91 318 47 00 from Tuesday to Sunday  from 10:30 am to 2:30pm and from 4:30 to 8:30pm. Those who need it can make use of the video sign language interpreting service to purchase their tickets through the following link and during the same business hours: Video sign language interpreting service for the Deaf. Users will be asked to produce a disability card or equivalent accreditation document together with their ticket when they enter the venue.

Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Calle Toledo , 39

Paisaje o vista de Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Distrito Centro


Metro: La Latina (línea 5), Tirso de Molina (línea 1)

Bus: 6, 17, 18, 23, 26, 31, 50, 65

BiciMAD: 32, 40

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