Zannou · Salomón · De la Rosa


Trivium is a show that has been created exclusively for Madrid’s Veranos de la Villa festival by multi-instrumentalist Wolfrank Zannou, the prima ballerina of the Spanish National Ballet, Inmaculada Salmón, and actor and writer Mario de la Rosa. 

Atmosphere, plasticity and introspection are combined in this live show to immerse the audience in a journey where each spectator will feel the embrace of music, the caress of dance and the wounds of poetry. 

Trivium addresses the chromatics of feeling and how its amalgam of colours leads us through enthusiasm and ecstasy only to return us to the temple of reflection, with a taste of defeat and glory, in equal parts. 

Three branches stem from these three artists to converge in a journey full of emotion, sentiment and virtue, in which we experience, through our senses: love and pain, with generous measures of beauty.



Prima ballerina of the Spanish National Ballet Inmaculada Salomón

Musician, composer and musical producer Wolkfrank Zannou

Actor and writer Mario de la Rosa


18th of August

Duration​: 70 minutes


Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro - Claustro del Pozo

Calle Toledo , 39

Paisaje o vista de Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Distrito Centro


Metro: La Latina (línea 5), Tirso de Molina (línea 1)

Bus: 6, 17, 18, 23, 26, 31, 50, 65

BiciMAD: 32, 40

Veranos de la Villa Festival 2022 poster

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