Roulettes et violoncelle

Le Patin Libre

Roulettes et violoncelle

At the end of the avenue of Gran Vía, or right at the beginning, depending on how you look at it, Plaza de España exerts a magnetic pull on those who pass through the area every day, tourists and Madrileños alike. For one night, this singular space in Spain's capital city will host the show Roulettes et violoncelle, a creation by Canadian company Le Patin Libre which combines the hypnotic sound of string instruments with skating to create contemporary dance choreography.

From the ice of Montreal to the tarmac of Madrid, Le Patin Libre will arrive at Veranos de la Villa with a show it has presented all over the world since establishing itself as a contemporary dance company specialised in ice-skating. The result of a team-up between top-level figure skaters in 2005, the company was created with the aim of transforming skating into a medium that serves as a vehicle for artistic expression. Far removed from flashing lights, stereotypes and impossible spins, Le Patin Libre's creations are true works of art that exploit the surprising choreographic and theatrical potential of roller skating. 

A production by Le Patin Libre

In collaboration with the Embassy of Canada in Spain 





Concept and choreography Le Patin Libre (Alexandre Hamel, Jasmin Boivin, Pascale Joidin, Taylor Dilley and Samory Ba)

Live music Jasmine Boivin


7th of July

Duration​: 30 minutes


Plaza de España

Plaza de España s/n

Paisaje o vista de Plaza de España

Moncloa - Aravaca


Metro Plaza de España (L2, L3, L10)

Autobús 001, 1, 2, 3, 25, 39, 44, 46, 62, 74, 75, 133, 138, 148, C1, C2, N16, N18, N19, N20, N21

Bicimad 116a y 116b


Veranos de la Villa Festival 2022 poster

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