Compañía Lírica Amadeo Vives and the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid

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If there's one genre of musical theatre that embodies Madrid, it's zarzuela. The city was the birthplace and inspiration for many of the genre's works, which is why we are revisiting the tradition by bringing one of the classics back to the stage in Condeduque's Central Courtyard. July will open with a new adaptation by José Tamayo, staged by Compañía Lírica Amadeo Vives, of one of the most successful zarzuelas –and a key work in 20th century musical theatre– by Pablo Sorozábal, a composer who spent most of his career in Madrid.

La Tabernera del Puerto is one of the best-known and often-performed zarzuelas in the 20th century lyrical repertoire. Songs like Eres alta y hermosa como tu madre, the choral piece at the beginning of the zarzuela and Simpson's romanza, Despierta, Negro, are etched into the hearts and minds of lyrical enthusiasts. The enormous variety and wealth of influences that Sorozábal decided to include in the score make this zarzuela one of the last major feats of the glory days of our lyrical theatre.

The music in this adaptation will be performed by the Orchestra and Chorus of the Community of Madrid (ORCAM), created in 1988 and conducted by Víctor Pablo Pérez.

A production by Compañía Lírica Amadeo Vives


Music: Pablo Sorozábal

Libretto: Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernández-Shaw


A zarzuela in three acts that premiered in Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona on 6 April 1936


Marola: Ruth Terán (soprano)

Juan de Eguía: César San Martín (Tenor)

Leandro: Sergio Escobar (Baritone)

Simpson: Carlos London (Bass)

Chinchorro: Rafael Álvarez de Luna (comic actor)

Antigua: Amelia Font (character actress)

Ripalda: Karmelo Peña (actor)

Verdier: Isidro Anaya (actor)

Abel: Juncal Irastorza


Resident choir of Compañía Lírica Amadeo Vives

Orchestra of the Community of Madrid


Music Director: José Antonio Irastorza

Stage Director: Antonio Ramallo

Director's Assistant: David López Álvarez

Costume Designer: Roger Salas

Lighting Design: Antonio Ramallo - Carlos Bessia

Video Scenery: Pako López - La Soberbia Diseño y Comunicación

Scenic Design: Carlos Carvalho

Costumier: Mariayana Trifonova


Lighting Technician: Carlos Bessia

Head of Tailoring: Tania Bakunova

Production Manager: Mercedes Fontaneda

Distribution: Adrián Chico

Audiovisual Material: Sergio Camacho



Organised in collaboration with the Orchestra and Chorus of the Community of Madrid (ORCAM)



From 7th of July to 11th of July
10:00 PM

120 minutes

Centro Cultural Conde Duque

24 euros (sectors 1 y 2), 22 euros (sector 3) and 17 euros reduced visibility


Capacity limits are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 regulations

Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Calle del Conde Duque, 11 28015 , 11

Paisaje o vista de Centro Cultural Conde Duque

Distrito Centro

Place of employment information:


Metro: Ventura Rodríguez (línea 3), San Bernardo (línea 2 y 4) y Noviciado (línea 2).

Bus: 002

Bicimad: Estación 13 (calle Conde Duque, 22)

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