Robert Henke. Dust

Robert Henke

Robert Henke. Dust

Ambient electronic music based on granular synthesis

German composer, artist and software developer Robert Henke will be at the Claustro del Pozo to present his show called Dust, a slow and intense exploration of complex textural sounds, shredded into microscopic particles and pulsating interlocking loops, recomposed during an improvised performance.

A multi-channel performance in the dark. An immersive sound experience. Based on granular synthesis algorithms, Dust unfolds in the dark through numerous speakers set up amongst the audience. Different sources of sound (ranging from steam from a coffee pot to a thunderstorm, creaking noises or an electric shock) create intense and dense layers of sound that are remixed, modified and distributed throughout the space, spanning the entire range of sound, from the deepest bass to ultrasound. On occasions, the sound is merely audible, on others, it is physical and intense. Each performance is unique, but each one offers a different dialogue between the audience and the venue.


23rd of August

Duration​: 60 minutes



Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro - Claustro del Pozo

Calle Toledo , 39

Paisaje o vista de Instituto de Educación Secundaria San Isidro

Distrito Centro


Metro: La Latina (línea 5), Tirso de Molina (línea 1)

Bus: 6, 17, 18, 23, 26, 31, 50, 65

BiciMAD: 32, 40

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