The open-air venue for this year’s Veranos de la Villa festival is situated within the cultural hub of the Madrid Río Park, close to the entrance to the Casa de Campo Park, and between the Vargas Palace and the Huerta de la Partida Garden. The new venue is named after the bridge that leads to it: Puente del Rey.

This space will replace the Sabatini Gardens, hosting a range of dance, flamenco, zarzuela and musical theatre performances for Madrileños and visitors alike, in one of the most highly-anticipated cultural events of the year. The stage will welcome artists such as Los Sabandeños, Estrella Morente, Tomatito, Marina Heredia, El Cigala, Dorantes, José Mercé, Parrita, Carmen Linares, José Antonio, Merche Esmeralda, Esperanza Fernández, Merche and Café Quijano, as well as a performance of Luisa Fernanda, the famous zarzuela .

Follow the river from the Puente del Rey and you will reach Matadero Madrid, home of the FRINJE festival. The FRINJE is one of the city’s most important cultural ventures, and takes new artistic creation as its central focus. From the 3rd to the 25th of July over 500 performances and events will take place as part of the FRINJE.

The Teatro Circo Price, another stand-out venue thanks to its circular shape, generous capacity, impressive acoustics and central location, is the ideal music venue and has become a focal point of Madrid’s music scene.

This year, the Teatro Circo Price will host concerts by artists including: Ara Malikian, Silvia Pérez Cruz, Marlango, Luis Fonsi, Rodrigo Leal, Mikel Erentxun, Nicola di Bari, Marwan, Dulce Pontes, La Frontera, Chucho Valdés and Patricia Sosa, Dúo Dinámico, Ismael Serrano, Katia Guerrero, Buenavista Social Club, Rosario, Pablo Milanés, Royal Southem and Aurora & The Betrayers, W. Mertens Ensemble, SLY & Robbie, Fekat Circus & Slum Drummers, and more. These voices will bring colour and emotion to Veranos de la Villa 2015 at the Teatro Circo Price.

Veranos de la Villa will of course maintain its links with the usual venues including the Conde Duque Cultural CentreCentroCentro Cibeles, and the traditional classical music concert at Plaza Mayor on 11th of July. The Plaza Mayor concert will be performed this year by the ORCAM (Orchestra and Choir of the Region of Madrid). All of these cultural events form the centrepiece of Madrid’s annual cultural offering for July and August.